The Bear Bones Van Conversion Package

Bear Bones Van Conversion Package

With the Bear Bones van conversion package, we give you the essentials while you finish the rest how you like it. Building your own van conversion has become quite popular. You want to tackle a large project and feel the accomplishment of the finished product. Yet there are some key aspects of a van build that even the most seasoned contractor is hesitant to do on their own. This package is designed for these individuals. Let us help knock out some of the more difficult parts of the build, and let you finish to make your van truly yours. Please click here for a free estimate. Meet Barry, the van conversion expert ad learn more about Vanworks Story.


  • Full Interior w/ Fabric Wrapped Walls, Ceiling, and Door Panels
  • 2 OEM Style Vented Windows
    • Driver Forward and Passenger Slider Door
    • Vehicle specific windows to maintain look, quality, and warranty
  • R13 Insulation (walls, doors), R7 Insulation (ceiling)
    • Highest R valued insulation possible
  • Powered Roof Vent
    • Intake/Exhaust
    • Rain Hood
    • Thermostat
    • Remote
  • LED Lighting
    • Recessed LED Capacitive Touch Lights
  • Base Isolated Secondary Battery System
    • 100 amp/hr Battery, Isolator, and Fuse Block