The Vanworks Story

Our fearless leader, Keith Hess, was a carpenter by trade. He always enjoyed buying and selling cars and motorcycles as a hobby. One day he decided to buy a used van, fix it up, and sell it. Well, it sold much faster than he thought it would, so he started only doing vans, one at a time. After having a lot of success, he eventually rented out a shop in Fort Collins (where Black’s Glass is today), hired a crew, and started the Vanworks we know today. In the hay day of vans in the 80s and 90s, Vanworks was producing over 200 Vans and Truck conversion PER MONTH. Back then there were 1000s of competing van converters, but after a big shake up in the market with changing rules from the manufacturers (GM, Dodge, Ford, etc), most couldn’t compete any longer but we remained. As the market changes, as customer needs change, we change to meet those demands and build what people want and what they need at an attainable price.